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I agree to the below Security Agreement

PNC Database Security Agreement

By using this database you agree that its contents are proprietary and belong to AFC Legal Marketing. You agree that any and all use of this database is limited to authorized users only, and by logging in you verify you are the named user. Information herein cannot be copied, shared, printed or otherwise disseminated, except as it relates to your potential clients. In addition, you must also agree to only access information regarding your firm's clients and the database of general forms and information and to in no way attempt to access another law firm's client or prospective client information.

This accord constitutes an express agreement restricting disclosure of information not generally known and not readily ascertainable by proper means by any person not in a confidential relationship with AFC Legal Marketing. Permissions granted by AFC Legal Marketing, to any user of this database, do not relegate any portion of this database, or any related information the nature of which is secret, confidential, or proprietary, to the public domain, nor render the same readily ascertainable to any person other than the user. The nature and extent of this agreement is to prevent the acquisition of information by unauthorized parties.